Dear fans,

my name is Jaroslav Holub. Develop Device is my personal music project. Here is some information about me in the form of a timeline.

cyber2008 - After nearly 10 years of active performing with the band (drums), I decided to go in a different direction and founded the one-man modern metal project DEVELOP DEVICE.

2010 - this year I had a lot of progress in controlling the FL Studio as such, but the songs still sounded both cans. The very music-making, I then began to devote more mixing and mastering, I bought my first MIDI keyboard – to me a lot easier to work. The results come very soon.

2012/2013 - Years in the sign of change and progress. Buy new gear for the music studio, MIDI keyboards, plugins and more.. Composing new songs with the aim to achieve the truest sound of real musical instruments. I decided to go the way of truly „virtual“ because in my songs you will not hear any real instruments. Thus, in addition to singing – he can not be replaced by anything yet :)

2014 - Developing cooperation with bands around the world in the mix and mastering. Develop Device songs also appear in game titles. Selling music on AudioJungle.


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